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Character Application : Jackson Rippner (Red Eye)


-General Information-
Name: Asanji
Age: 18
Contact Journal: byewonderland
IM Contact: WisteriaSama

-Character Information-
Character name: Jackson Rippner
Character Journal: Working On It; Will Update with it once created.
Age: 28
Canon Or OC?: Canon Dur. :D
Physical description: Over six feet in height; Dark brown hair cropped short in a variation of a mushroom haircut; very pale, crystaline blue eyes; dressed in (for this roleplay) tan dress slacks, black turtleneck shirt and matching sports coat and comfortable black leather shoes.

Backstory: One assignment away from an early retirement, Jackson Rippner was to play the middle man in the arrangement oh a high-profile assasination. Following a woman named Lisa Reisert for eight-weeks because she was the key part in the assasination's success, he was to set it up so that she and Jackson would land on the same Red-Eye flight to Miami. On this flight, he forced her into a situation where she either changed the hotel room number of the Keefe family to make the killing easier, or her father was going to die.
However, things were not that easy. Though the call was made, Lisa had managed to reach the Keefes in time to prevent the assasination. Blinded by the need to get his revenge, Jackson followed her to kill her. This was his downfall. Instead of killing her, Lisa wounded him both physcially and hihs pride: two bullet wounds, a stabbing his thigh as well ahs to his trachea he was sent to the hospital into intensive care.

(Should I come back and elaborate on how he escaped?)

If Canon: Your thoughts on boarding the aircraft.

Really now, this is too easy.

Sitting in the small bar across from the gate with a shot of vodka in his right hand, his pale eyes would look over to the seating area by the entrance to the plane. Though it was another two hours before the flight, passengers had already begun to arrive. Of vcourse, none of these people were of any interest to Rippner. Just one in particular.

And she had yet to arrive.

Listening to the small conversations buzzing in the background, he took a quick sip of his drink, the liquid burning his throat as he swallowed. Massaing the base of his throat through the black cloth of his shirt, he grimaced a bit. Oh she's going to pay dearly. Very much so.
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