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-General Information-
Name: April
Age: 21
Contact Journal: darkspectre
IM Contact: darko crumbles

-Character Information-
Character name: Gene Carson
Character Journal: evnthecrzyone
Age: 34
Canon Or OC?: Canon (Flightplan)

Physical description: Standing around 6" feet in height and built physically slender, Gene has dark brown hair that reaches to the bottom of his neck and is styled in a fashionable way to keep the strands of hair falling into his face. Light skinned in appearance, Gene's eyes are a light blue/green with traces of exhaustion behind them; he looks physically and mentally worn out from his job.

Gene wears a black jacket on top, a plaid blue dress-shirt, and a grey/blue cotton shirt under. Wearing black slacks and comfortable shoes, Gene is dressed to fit in with the passengers. Seeming like a rather nice and friendly person, Gene is one snarky individual when annoyed. Often blunt as well, he can get rather mean when someone makes him angry. Gene has a bit of an egotistical side when it comes to his gun and he prides himself on his 'perfect' aiming.

Backstory: Born and raised somewhere in the Southern US, Gene grew up to work for the Elgin corporation as chief of security. After the events of 9/11, a drastic call was made for more air marshals and Gene signed up with no hesitation. After going through extensive training and preparation, which included; behavioral observation, intimidation tactics, several self-defense classes, and more, Gene graduated from the William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey and was immediately dispatched.

Upon special request, the FAA assigned Gene to Elgin's corporation (what with being chief of security for their corporation beforehand) and he was sent out on many of their various airplane models to insure the safety of the flight, its crew and its passengers. Though four years of being on the job slowly began to effect Gene, and despite the adrenaline rush of being a 'spy,' he started to head toward the path of corruption.

SAMPLE: On the morning before the E474 was to leave the Berlin airport for New York, Gene was calmly preparing himself for the flight. Despite that he was to be traveling across one country and into another like any tourist, Gene's job was to make sure that the lives of those onboard would be unharmed by any terrorists who'd hijack the plane. But that wasn't the only thing he was to be doing, for a plan conceived some several months prior was to be taking place on that flight, and it couldn't be done without the two pivotal objects that he and his sources had been watching for quite some time.

Everything was going according to plan and through the months of researching, watching and spying, it was finally to come. The flight would be several hours long and the last one out; a Red Eye, and according to statistics, most passengers onboard would be sleeping. But there was always that chance of something going wrong. Still, Gene assured himself and the others that everything would work out.

After arriving at the Terminal some hours later, Gene checked himself in like any other normal passenger was to be doing and waited patiently until boarding was to happen. Spotting his two subjects arriving shortly after, his mind raced with the possibilities of a future happening a few hours from now. So far, so good.
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