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Kyle Pratt Application


-General Information-
-Second Mod-Character-

-Character Information-
Character name:Kyle Pratt
Character Journal:widowed_mother
Age: 32
Canon Or OC?: Canon
Physical description: Kyle Pratt stands tall at 5'11, not physically intimidating. What she lacks in physical intimidation she makes up mentally. Wry and strong, Kyle's recently been placed under alot of physical stress. Overly thin, she has dark circles under her eyes, anxiety wearing on her nerves. She is jumpy, paranoid, and mentally beyond rational thought.
Kyle Pratt lived a normal childhood, excelling at math and science. She married her high school sweetheart who became an aircraft designer. Both were transferred to Elgin Air's Berlin Division where they had their daughter Julia six years prior to the flight discussed in the film Flightplan.

Three Days prior to the flight, her husband went up to the roof on pretext of a cigarette. His body was found a few moments later, a fall the apparent cause of death. She is flying home to bury her husband in their hometown of Long Island New York.


Kyle wrapped her arms around Julia and shouldered her bags. She kissed the top of her daughter's head and ran a hand through her daughter's hair, looking outside at the blanket of snow outside. This had been the last available flight out of Berlin, and the hospital had a partnership with the airline so...


She turned her head away from the blanket of snow and cradled her daughter's head against her shoulder, keeping her eyes averted from the windows. And the men working so very high up...
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