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Omg, its my appy posteh. ^^ -Squee- <3


-General Information-
Name: Beth [Or Macbeth. Muwhaha]
Age: 17.
Contact Journal: eccentric_actor
IM Contact: CharmingBohemian

-Character Information-
Character name: Alex, whatever Capt Rich's last name is. ^^ <333
Character Journal: i_wanna_pilot
Age: 18 [Legal to drink in Germany!]
Canon Or OC?: OC. [I totally should have been in the movie though...]
Physical description: [Okay, lemme stop Iming you for a second and find this to repost it. XD]
Somewhat curly blonde hair reaches to her shoulders and slightly south from there. Brown t-shirt hugs her upper curves and khaki cargo pants rest on her hips. The faintest of scars can be seen close up above her left blonde eyebrow. Freckles paint her nose, and faintly appear on her cheeks. Her eyes dart from dark green to aqua depending on the lighting.

Backstory:Lex can be sort of a tomboy when the need arises, with her obsessive love of boats and Marine Biology. But her deepest passion is to become a pilot for NASA. [And Pilot the Orbiter, Endeavour.] So she studies science and math with dedication, and her grades kinda slip in other subjects. She sometimes goes with her Father on flights, whenever he can manage it so she can learn the controls of the planes he flies. After all, the pilots of the Apollo missions learned to fly planes first. [Anything else we need, we'll work out. Since Daddy's a part of the backstory. Muwhaha. -coughs-]
[[Check your IM. xD. I'll fill this out if you really want it though..xD]]

If Canon: Your thoughts on boarding the aircraft..They better have good food and movies, as I've just flown from the United States, to London, to Germany to celebrate my Father's birthday. I haven't seen anything but planes and terminals, so I'm a bit anxious to get the damn thing going. Because I've got that Marine Biology work to do, a Father to annoy, crew to terrozize, passangers to be annoyed by. ^^ LETS GO! <333333
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