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Julia Pratt


-General Information-
Name: Carly
Contact Journal: agonyxecstasy34
IM Contact: rocksteadyplaty4

-Character Information-
Character name:Julia Pratt
Character Journal: julia_bear
Age: 6
Canon Or OC?: Canon
Physical description: Julia is around 3'10". Her sandy blonde hair reaches her mid back. Her dismal expression shows that she has just been through a lot for her short lifetime. She has blue eyes and smiles when her mother is around. Not much comes out of her mouth, but her thoughts make up for it.
Backstory: Julia was always a good student and easily kept up with school work. Her one friend, Angela, was her best friend. After her father's death she was forced to break her bond with Angela and in its' place began to create one with her mother. Her bonds are often strong and hard to break. She doesn't take things for granted and doesn't forget the things that are important such as: Angela, her mother, her teddy bear, and the memories of her father. Now she and her mother are en route to America to bury her father who, days before, was found dead. The apparent cause of death was a "fall" (or was it a jump?) from a building.
Julia held onto her mother's hand as they made their way down the aisle. In her other hand was the arm of her soft, tan, teddy bear with its' body dangling half a foot above the blue carpet. As they passed, she peered down each row of seats in hope that soon, they could sit down. Her small legs could not carry her much farther. As they reached their seats, a small sigh escaped her lips. Before she climbed into her seat, she slowly released her mother's warm hand. Little did she know, that that could be the last time she felt her mother's warmth.
If Canon: Your thoughts on boarding the aircraft..: > Julia is not very nervous about the plane. Afterall, her mommy helped build it. She hopes it will be fun going to America, and really hopes that they have good food, like toast.

I just spiffed up my charrie journal. It's airplane themed!
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