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Livejournal Roleplay and Pre-Made Character Journals

There are a few characters who are essential to the continuity of the plot that I have in my noggin. These are as follows:

Lucy Vandrew- _skywdiamonds_
Steven Vandrew- aavintodirector

These characters are completely original. WE CANNOT START WITHOUT THEM. I've given you the bare-bones outline of their character on the journals provided. Should you desire one of them please IM/contact me via this OOC board and I will give you the password. PLEASE CHANGE THE PASSWORD. From there you can change whatever you like about their basic character.

The primary reason why I've created these character journals is so that the characters understand a little more of their motivation. *nodsmilenod* I'm going to offer a few suggestions about directions their character could take. Other then that you're ON YOUR OWN.

Basically, if you play Steven or Lucy you get a few more nuggets of information then the other characters (But not too much, at least in the journals. once both roles have been filled I'll let you guys in on more information)

How many of us have Roleplayed on livejournal before?

Anyone? *looks out into dark and silent auditorium*

Okay. For you n00bs and for us seasoned professionals, here's a refresher course.

1.Each entry in the main community starts something like this:

Who: (Who's talking? Who the hell are you?)
Where:(Are you in the bathroom? in the Kitchen? In Jail?. Preferably someplace within the context of the story)
Open to: (Who are you addressing? Typically if you want this entry to be open to "anyone" You address it "Open to: Anyone/All/All of you/The Bastards back in the back row/Them/They/etc.)
Closed to: (Is there anyone you don't want to hear about this? Are you divulging a critical piece of information? are you asking for a tampon? This is a GOLDEN RULE. If this topic says, "CLOSED TO:-YOU-" Then you cannot respond to the thread. (And by you, I mean your character)

And the first person action that your character is engaging in would go here.

Lets look at an example shall we?

Who: Nancy Callahan
Where: Her kitchen
Open to: Marv
Closed to: Anyone not in her kitchen goddamnit. (Profanity is allowed)

Nancy jammed the injured finger in her mouth out of habit, jumping back from the counter and dropping the knife onto the floor. She swore and stamped one dainty sandled foot before going to the fridge and grabbing another two beers for her companion in the other room.

and now Marv would respond.
Follow me?

Q: then what the hell are the character journals for?
If you have a plot going on between another character, something you don't want the rest of us to know about or just in general talking about what's going on that goes in your journal. Its also a magic device *waggles fingers* That will allow you to send messages in any form to any individual. Simply specify it. For example.

written on a scrap of toliet paper

Dear Great-god-of-airplane toliets.

Why is it that every time I make it to thet lavatory they run out of toliet paper?

Mr. X.

Or something like that, ignore the grossness. Anyway, so then the person addressed would respond. It helps keep the plot moving. Follow me? :) <3

Q. How will we be roleplaying?
A. This is obviously an LJ roleplaying game. However for those who prefer to rp on AIM this is how these sort of things will go.

Go to
Go to create new screenname (it will be pretty easy to follow)
create a new screenname, preferably something that matches your character.
It will be added to your basic login. (We're all familiar with how AIM works right?)
In any case, I'm going to keep all the rp profiles on FILE. Which means that I'll have all the screennames on file. Friend all the nessescary players. That way you can rp/aim with them.

Lets say I (as Captain Rich) want to have a private conversation with Mr. Carson.

I would start off a general game entry with something like this.

Who?: Captain Rich
Open to: Gene Carson
Where: Forward Galley
Closed to: Everyone else, specially Kyle Pratt.
Status: CLOSED

Then I would LJ cut the chat transcript. See a mod if you need to learn how to LJ cut your transcripts. However I'm going to give you a lil' basic tutorial on that-

Okay. Alot of people don't have the time aren't as incredibly obsessive about LJ as I am. Ergo, I'm going to share with some of you how to do lj-cuts. Although its a given that you understand some basic html if you're on LJ in the first place.




(Just remove the stars and all of your text will magically disappear behind a neat little line and the words "Read more")

Q. But Sempai! How do we add a creative and witty title to the cut instead of the boring words "Read More?"
A. Well, I'm glad you asked.



Simply remove the stars and it works pretty normally.
Any questions, feel free to poke me on AIM or leave a comment here and I'll help you out.

-This was just so spot on I had to bring it back

Further suggestions/questions and answers will be answered in the order they are recieved in!

I will GLADLY provide Icons to those who need them. *has flightplan caps* I have many many icons of both flightplan and redeye.
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