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Character Application: Cpt. Rich


-General Information-
Name:Carolyn/Ramen...whatever you wanna call me.
Contact Journal:blackswanevent
IM Contact:evaslacker327/clericpikachu (IM for journal coming soon)

-Character Information-
Character name:Captain Walter Rich, Capt. Rich
Character Journal:gdspeedmrcarson
Age: Middle forties, 45-47ish.
Canon Or OC?: Canon.Thriller.Flightplan.
Physical description: Rich keeps himself in shape, as required by the FAA (they don't want someone who's going to drop dead in the pilot seat) which is why he looks much younger then he actually is. He keeps his blond hair closely cropped and styled elegantly. Rich conducts himself very properly, the very image of a typical ready-to-serve Englishman.

However he also has a harder side that won't tolerate any guff or misbehavior from the crew or passengers. He doesn't want to doubt Kyle Pratt, and her story strikes a deep cord with him, but he also doesn't want to give in to any of her demands. He is a man torn so to speak, and he's never worked with the Flight Crew before so that's also leaving him slightly on edge.
Walter Rich emigrated to the United States on a student visa, initially studying law before he fell in love with flying and with his flight instructor Megan Caufield. He joined the military after marrying her and left after doing a six-year tour of duty, taking his family halfway around the globe working as a pilot for the Airforce.

In Germany, his son Eric fell ill and passed away, leaving the family heartbroken. (One of the reasons why he relates to Julia and the ultimate conclusion that her daughter must be dead) He left the Airforce and took a job at United working as their line Captain (Boss of all the flightcrews, but still flying planes).

In any situation like this, a tremendous strain is put on the family. Megan filed for divorce in 95, taking Bethany and Scott with her. This suited Walter fine, who found himself suddenly consumed by his position. He legally doesn't have a residence, except for a PO box in Texas as he lives his life in hotels and on an airplane.

In 2001 Rich was bounced around, being laid off by United and taking another smaller job with Alaskan Airlines. In 2002 he found a more secure position with Aavinto, but continues to maintain his "married to the sea" lifestyle. He enjoys his job immensely, but Eric, Megan, and his family remain close in his heart. He still wears his wedding Ring.
Canon: Your thoughts on boarding the aircraft. Third Person.

Walter tapped his pencil against the graph paper, trying to remember the formula his brain had apparently forgotten. The still night was punctuated by sharp bursts of water against their nestled electronic womb, deicing the windscreen so that they'd be able to get the hell out of here...

The Computer blipped and he leaned forward, examining the screen closely.
"They've just shut down Frankfurt."
His co-pilot snorted, "Ya? Well thank god we're not going to Frankfurt."

The formula came back to him in a flash of mathematical insight and Rich scribbled something on the paper before laughing dryly. He'd worked with jokers before, he just hoped that Carl knew when to put a lid on it.
"We may not be going anywhere." He directed his attention back to the workers, still working on the wings.
Ice on the plane made him nervous. Snowy conditions made him nervous. He'd shivered mentally, remembering how he had to bundle up before doing his second walk-around check of the plane. He could take off in weather like this of course-
Piece of cake

"The E474 handles beautifully." Carl said, reading his thoughts, "She 'andles like a towncar."
Rich said nothing, a slight smile on his face as he continued making his calculations-eyes constantly on the weather pattern in front of him.

And on the swirling blanket of snow that wrapped them securely in their man-made womb.
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